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The new Leica M and M-E

OK, so while I was expecting the Leica M10 to be announced today they came out with the Leica M and the Leica M-E. The Leica M is the follow up to the Leica Leica M9 and M-P and seems to be a real improvement in some area's compared to the M9, in particular the higher ISO range and the camera's HD video capability.... MORE
The new Leica M and M-E

James Nachtway - "Everyone can not be there"

James Nachtway is one of the greatest war photographers alive today if not one of the greatest that has ever lived. This self taught photographer has covered many conflicts around the world for over thirty years and his book Inferno had a massive influence on my decision to become a photojournalist. However, it was... MORE

Kindle Fire

Really interesting to see the Kindle Fire - watch out Apple I think Amazon are after a big piece of your pie...............looks pretty amazing for photographers who travel a lot.

Time-lapse film of the earth from space

It is not often I post films that I come across but felt compelled to show this time-lapse film of the earth taken by NASA. It is pretty amazing and gives you a new way of looking at the world. The aurora borealis is something else...........enjoy the film.

Kung hei fat choi

Kung Hei Fat Choi to all our clients - wishing you all a successful Year of the Dragon!
Kung hei fat choi

Happy Christmas

Hi Everyone I just wanted to wish everyone who reads this blog a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year for 2012. We look forward to sharing with you our work in 2012. From everyone at CKP Weddings.

Whist we get on with post production

While we get on with our post production here at CKP Weddings. I thought I would share with you some images that I took of one of my favourite eateries here in Jersey, "El Tico". The restaurant will be using the images for their new website which is being developed at the moment but it is without doubt one of the best... MORE
Whist we get on with post production

The talented mr mccurry

Steve McCurry's iconic image of the Afghan girl looking into his camera is one of those images that has stood the test of time and helped place the photographer on the world stage for his photojournalism work. Well, he has just launched his limited addition "Iconic Photographs" book published by Phaidon. The large... MORE

Leica customer service

My love affair with Leica continues....... After my recent purchase of a Leica M9, I was brought back down to earth after someone closed a very heavy oak door on me at a wedding recently. This very heavy door flew into my camera and although caused no damage to the shell of the camera or the lens it seemed to knock... MORE

The CKP Grant

This is a heads up about a grant that we are developing for photographers who wish to document a project that will raise public awareness of a social, economic or environmental issue anywhere in the world. Documentary photography is very important to us at CKP and this grant is a way for us to help a photographer... MORE
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